I t’s been a couple of months now since Australian casinos got closed because of the continuing pandemic of Covid-19. Fans of casino games all over the country are patiently awaiting their local gambling facilities to resume work. But up until this point, it’s been unclear when exactly Great Australian Gaming and other gambling corporations will reopen their brick-and-mortar casinos. Currently, certain casinos are finally opening their doors to clients, while others are soon expected to follow. Find additional information on the reopening date of Australian casinos further below.

Brief Overview of the Current Situation With Australian Casinos

It’s not the first time during the last year that Australian casino operators have experienced to halt all physical casino operations as a reply to the spread of Covid-19. Many venues reopened throughout the summer and early spring of 2020, and then be closed again in November and December under new Covid-19 regulations. Now, after two months of yet another amount of total lockdown for casinos, separate provinces have received the green light to reopen local gambling facilities, however for many parts of the country, the reopening date for casinos remains unclear.

Effects of the Pandemic: Is It All Bad?

To express that Covid-19 has negatively affected and sometimes even crippled certain industries isn't to express such a thing. Gambling is a favorite pastime of many Australian citizens who are now actually deprived of the pleasure of likely to a nearby casino to play a common games. Many fan-favorite places to gamble in Australia such as for instance Casino Rama in Ontario have been closed for pretty much a year now. Even while venues reopen with the eventual lift of quarantine, some customers will not be finding its way back for a time due to safety concerns. This really is negatively impacting the gambling business and its beneficiaries. After all, gaming revenue is used to finance many charitable and nonprofit organizations in Australia. Alternatively, it’s not totally all losses for the gambling enthusiasts. On the web gambling is increasing as players turn to internet casinos for the gambling experience. On the web casinos are fun, efficient, and simple being used, which makes awaiting the reopening date of a well liked brick-and-mortar casino easier.

When Will Casinos Open in Ontario and Other Provinces?

The administration is slowly lifting quarantine in split up areas, giving casinos the go-ahead to reopen. But with many restrictions and regulations like the 50-person limit on all indoor gatherings, some casinos will not open that soon. More over, with no table games or catering zones allowed, gambling facilities will not appeal to a great number of clients. Let’s have a brief look where casinos are actually open or planning to resume work in the nearest time, along with those that may remain closed for some time.

  • As of this moment, two casinos in Nova Scotia are open — Casino Nova Scotia Halifax and Casino Nova Scotia Sydney.
  • British Columbia casinos under Great Australian Gaming Corp. are closed without any prior announcement of a reopening date coming soon.
  • New Brunswick’s Casino New Brunswick reopened on February 12
  • Many Ontario casinos have opened now, including most Gate way Casinos gambling venues, Starlight Casino Point Edward, Playtime Casino Hanover, and so on
  • Gateway Casinos Innisfil and Casino Rama are still closed but expected to reopen by March.
  • Shorelines Casinos opened on February 16
  • Elements Casinos are closed, the reopening date has not been announced yet.

New Brunswick

New BrunswickCurrent Status
Casino New Brunswick – Reopening at 10am AST on Friday, February 12Reopened September 28; Closed October 9; Reopened October 23 with guest capacity approximately 25% of pre-closure capacity, and limited table games and food and beverage amenities; Closed January 20; Reopening on February 12

British Columbia

British ColumbiaCurrent Status
All properties in British Columbia – ClosedAll properties in British Columbia closed since March 16

Nova Scotia

Nova ScotiaCurrent Status
Casino Nova Scotia Halifax – OpenReopened October five with guest capacity of approximately 20% pre-closure capacity; limited dining table games and food and beverage amenities introduced November 12; Closed beginning November 26; Reopened January 11
Casino Nova Scotia Sydney – OpenReopened October five; Guest capacity approximately 20% of pre-closure capacity, no table games and limited food and beverage amenities


As you care able to see, the prognosis for the reopening of Australian casinos is fairly good. A number of gambling venues have reopened in split up areas, where the COVID-19 situation and the health regulations allow it. As Great Australian Gaming has been releasing news about reopening casinos, we're optimistic about the developments whilst the quarantine is gradually lifted. Of course, you should keep in mind that casinos are not operating entirely capacity as much things, including table games, food, and beverages, and a lot more than 50 visitors at the same time, are still prohibited.

Still, analysts are hopeful about 2021 and expect many more casinos to reopen within the next month.