Video poker online casino game that combines features of slot machines and table poker. The client has no opponent as such, and payments are accrued for poker combinations collected on the screen of the machine. But the main advantage of the game is the opportunity to act on an equal footing with the casino, which is not the case with video slots or roulette.

General rules of video poker

Despite the existence of dozens of varieties of the game, the general provisions of the rules remain the same for all models. Let us highlight the most basic points:

  • The player makes a bet and receives five cards, which are displayed on the screen.
  • The goal is to collect one of the poker combinations specified in the attached table.
  • It is allowed to change up to five cards once for free.
  • If there is a combination in the cards, the payout is compulsory, as the client has no opponent.
  • Usually a doubling game is available, in which you can try to increase the accrued credits.
  • Some versions use jokers, special combinations are provided, bonus payments are possible, or progressive jackpots are played.

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Video pokers with progressive jackpots

Some models have cumulative jackpots. The rules may vary, but in most cases, users who play at the maximum wager can claim this amount. Usually, in order to get an online video poker progressive jackpot, you need to collect the maximum combination specified in the table.

If you play video poker free online for money, always check the specifics of the draw. Pay attention to the size of the required bet and other nuances, so you will not be disappointed.

Our reviews always cover the jackpot terms and conditions in detail.

mbling release unique models with prize payouts, bonus draws and other surprises.

These can be different options:

  • inflated odds on certain combinations,
  • thematic rounds,
  • free online video poker games
  • And other features.

Sometimes manufacturers manage to amaze even our experienced reviewers with prize options.

If bonuses are played on an additional bet, find out what the RTP (theoretical return) rate is in it. Often in video poker online side bets very high mathematical advantage of the casino.

Video poker in mobile casinos

Nowadays, all major establishments allow you to play gambling games on smartphones and tablets. Models in this format operate by the usual rules, but have a special interface adapted for touch screens.

All the best mobile online casinos offer the most popular video poker free online. The reviews on the portal consider the features of these versions.

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How to choose the best video poker online casino?

When choosing a game, experts recommend taking into account the following parameters:

  • RTP (theoretical return to the player) - This is the most important indicator. The higher it is, the more often you will win, following the optimal online video poker free strategy. In the most profitable models, it exceeds 100%. This means that the mathematical superiority is on the player's side.
  • Risk Game - Usually the doubling round of the payout takes place without the advantage of the casino. Moreover, in some machines you can refuse to participate in the drawing, seeing the dealer's open card. This allows you to play only in cases where the chances of winning are very high. Look for such models.
  • Availability of Strategy - For basic models, there have long been guidelines on how to act in all situations that may occur during the course of play. If you're considering a unique variety, however, make sure you can find the perfect strategy for it. Otherwise, you won't get the best results.
  • Betting - Give preference to models with limits that are comfortable for you. In addition, the range should be wide enough. This will allow you to maneuver.
  • Quality - Video pokers are rarely very spectacular. Features of the gameplay do not require spectacular animation, eye-catching graphics or amazing sound accompaniment. But still, the design should be pleasing to the eye, and the interface is comfortable.

Do not forget about personal preferences. Do not force yourself to play, if your heart is not for this model.

Video poker education

Free online video poker no download refers to the number of gambling games in which the result depends directly on the skill of the user. Moreover, the most profitable models can even get a mathematical advantage over the casino. That's why video poker is in demand among professional players.

Some tips for beginners:

  • Start your acquaintance with the game with the classic variations: Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, Bonus Poker.
  • Learn to identify the machines with the most attractive conditions.
  • Learn a strategy for the video poker variety you prefer.
  • Start with a demo mode, then migrate to micro-betting, and only then risk big money.
  • You can take advantage of the hints that are available in most of the well-known brand online video poker games.
  • It is possible to train in free online casino models. There are also a huge number of training computer programs.
  • Be sure to read the special publications on our portal. They contain the best video poker lessons.

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Frequent mistakes in video poker

Beginning players usually make the same mistakes when they start to master video poker.

They don't play at the maximum wager, revealing additional opportunities. It can be an increased payout or a cumulative jackpot.

Act by intuition, not paying attention to the recommendations of the basic strategy.

Passionate about exotic varieties of the game, which attract bonuses, but have a high casino advantage.

Remember that the professionals have long mathematically calculated how to act in any of the possible gaming situations. To achieve maximum results, you need to choose the right model and act strictly according to the recommendations of the experts.


How to play video poker for free?

Any player, whether a casual visitor or a registered user, can test free online video poker games for fun.

We offer only licensed demos from the manufacturers. They are designed for you to be able to explore all the interface elements on your own, to understand the rules, to practice basic strategy skills, as well as just to have fun.


How to play video poker for money?

To risk real money, go to an online casino. To date, video poker casino is presented in a wide variety of performance options. In addition to the classic version, gamblers are offered emulators with a different number of decks. During the game, the user can make exchanges, use jokers and play several hands. Combinations are made not only of five, but also six or seven cards. The main thing is to collect a strong hand and get a decent reward for it.